Artigo sobre a Casa Azul na revista Monocle

A revista internacional Monocle, destaca na edição de Junho, o projecto do atelier Casa Azul em 5 páginas.
"A compact modernist home in Portugal gets a new lease of life thanks to a smart renovation that honours its architectural heritage and coastal surroundings."

"... maintained its original character while rejigging the interior to maximise its use as a holiday home."

“What was once a bedroom became the living room and permitted the entire family to take advantage of the veranda that faces the street.” Keeping the original white wooden shutters, they enlarged the window openings by inserting a single sliding glass door on either side of the brick pillar."

"Laden with Brazilian marble featuring traces of blue-green colour, it cleverly references the crashing surf."

“We wanted to reconnect the house to the landscape – the dunes, waves and lagoon – as it’s a place suited for outdoor living,” says Simões.

“The house is from a simpler era and we wanted to respect that.”


Monocle is a global briefing covering international affairs, business, culture and design. Issue 154, Junho 2022, Londres




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