Window to the Sky

A small chapel in the core of Lisbon, spotlight of part of the resistance to the Portuguese regime during the 70’s is the object of a punctual but important intervention. The existent disposition shows a replacement of the altar from the traditional axial top to the center of the chapel. This intervention, made a few years ago, reorganized the assembly around a dome and its natural light, the only one in the chapel. It’s above and about the altar that the lantern is reconfigured. The original frail structure in the shape of a pyramid with colored glass gives place to a horizontal glass, allowing the full observation towards the sky. A ring in brass, frames the object connecting itself with the chapel golden elements. The object is also made with the purpose of natural ventilation, with a small opening through all its extension. This intervention reinforces the centrality and the light above the altar; building up a window to the sky.


Location: Lisboa, Portugal | Client: Capela do Rato, José Tolentino Mendonça | Architecture: João Carmo Simões; Colaboration: Marta Tornelli | Materials: Brass, Glass

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