Villa Sombra

The House is a longitudinal gable roof suspended over 4 points, creating a huge shadow that projects and sways on the ground. Around it, the place is inhabited by round rocks, dense and old, over which the building is placed. The huge prism that conforms the roof is a kind of house raised over the landscape. The intimate space of sloping ceilings welcomes the more private area, with the bedrooms. Near the ground, the large suspended roof almost touches the ground in the west side, as it is opened to the valley at the east. Under it, the space is broad, continuous and transparent - the social area - a kind of pavilion under a great shadow enclosed in the topography. The house is a shade in Alentejo, the welcoming, a space for contemplating the nature.


Location: Castelo de Vide, Portugal | Area: 200 m2 | Architecture: João Carmo Simões; Colaboration: Vega Solaz Soler e Marta Tornelli | Landscape Architecture: Joāo Gomes da Silva | Global arquitectura paisagista | Structure: Eng. António Adão da Fonseca (ADF Consulting Engineers) | Aclimatization: Eng. Raul Bessa (GET)

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