Cova da Moura Ethnic Hotel

The aim of the project is to design a hotel in an originally clandestine neighbourhood on the outskirts of Lisbon that is difficult to reach and is inhabited by a large Cape Verdean community. A place where you can eat cachupa, the traditional Cape Verdean stew, get an African hairstyle or eat a baked cob, this hotel is a way of opening up the community and neighbourhood to the city. It creates a meeting ground, a public space within a densely inhabited neighbourhood. Rather than being some large structure built on the outskirts that would create a gap between that neighbourhood and the facility; we tried, in a seemingly uninhabited area within the neighbourhood, to build on the existing informal structure a facility that would not be seen as strange. On the contrary, it would be a building that would be an aggregator and could be built by the community itself in stages.


Location: Lisbon, Portugal | Materials: exposed grey cement with manual concreting, the exterior windows coupled in steel