Blue House (under construction)

The Casa Azul, a landmark in the context of Costa Nova’s modern architecture, rises high above the dune in unity with its territory. The place is an extensive and narrow line of sand, flanked by the Atlantic on west, and Ria de Aveiro, on east. The project seeks to reinforce the character of this architecture, making adjustments in the re-organization of spaces mainly to clarify the division of the social and private areas of ​​the house. The living space extends into the overall width of the interior, occupying the space of an previous master bedroom. The porch now gives itself entirely to the social area, extending it completely to the outside, to the light and to the contemplation of the horizontal waters of Ria. The kitchen connects to the dining space through a counter opened to the living room, looking for a rich as simple relation of the daily cooking and to what is being prepared. In this clarification between social and private, a new master bedroom is created, with a view to the dunes, with the sea and breeze nearby.

The house opens its self to the a party ambience, to the delicate details of wood and brass, similar to those used in traditional boats in the region; the house is reconnected to its landscape.


Location: Costa Nova, Aveiro, Portugal | Area: 120 m2 | Architecture: João Carmo Simões and Daniela Sá with Marta Tornelli and Vega Solaz Soler